The Perfect Pool Deck

Perfect Wood Pool Deck

Summer is here, which means it’s time for barbecues and laying by the pool. Deciding to put in a pool, whether in-ground or above ground, can be a big decision to make. Once you make the decision though, it is one that can have many benefits.

Aside from the type and size of pool itself, one of the most important decisions a pool owner must make is the pool’s deck size and material. There are many materials to chose from, all with their own pros and cons.

Concrete pool decks have been the material of choice for many years.

Pro: This is a great choice for homeowners on a budget . You can make the concrete unique to your style by applying a pattern or stamping it with a colored stain of your choice.

Con: Concrete can crack which can increase the cost to maintain your pool deck over a long period of time.
Wood is a growing element of modern pool installations with the introduction of exotic hardwoods.

Pro: Wood absorbs less heat than other materials, making it feel cooler and more comfortable on your feet. This is a great option for above-ground pool owners to avoid dry rot problems.

Con: Wood requires maintenance. They can split and crack and in hot or humid areas, and homeowners can have problems with mold and decay.

Rubber is a relatively new surface option for pool decks but one that can withstand many elements.

Pro: Rubber provides a great soft and non-slip surface. It is UV-resistant and very easily cleaned. This material can be colored and designed into patterns and logos.

Con: Installing rubber can be extremely costly and can be susceptible to seepage issues, such as loosening of adhesive and curling or tiles.

Tile is a less-commonly used pool deck material, but in frost-free places, can be a great option for homeowners.

Pro: There are endless design possibilities. From intricate patterns to textured blocks that mimic stone; tile can be a more affordable option without sacrificing the high-quality look.

Con: Tile installation can be costly and time consuming.

After weighing the pros and cons, get a quote on the perfect pool deck by call KennCo Construction today!