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Do you need a new roof? We install 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-year and lifetime composition roofs. Composition shingles are popular because they offer a wide variety of colors and styles to fit every home. Shingles are also often a good economical choice for most homeowners.

If you need a new roof to replace the old one, our roof removal crews will protect your property with tarps and at the completion of the project will perform a complete cleanup.

After the old roof is removed, we begin the next phase, which may include facia board, starter board, and plywood sheeting. While we are there, we can also put in new gutters, attic ventilation, add custom crickets to direct water drainage where it will do little or no damage and, if necessary, we will remove solar panels.

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Signs that may indicate you need a roof replacement

1. Things are loose. If you have loose or missing shingles or loose/exposed nails – you may need some repair. Over time, all the changes in weather and harsh climate extremes weaken shingles and loosen them from the roof. Shingles can become cracked, blistered, or curled making your roof ripe for damage with the next bit of wet or harsh weather.
2. Water Damage Inside. Check for water stains on your ceiling and walls, sagging ceilings or wet spots, especially after heavy precipitation.
3. Dips in the Roof. If your roof has dips, sagging between the rafters in your attic, or the slope or ridges of your roof, it’s time to call in the experts. Weight can be caused by previous repairs or heavy moisture – sagging means a replacement could be needed.
4. Are Your Rain Gutters Overflowing? Check your gutters for leaves and debris a couple of times a year, if they fill the gutters, then on rainy days the water backs up and flows over your roof. Over time that can do a lot of damage, which would cause you to need to replace your roof.
5. Have your heating or cooling bills spiked recently? That can be a sign of roofing problems too.

KennCo has been serving the community for over 35 years, and we are ready to help you. We offer a wide array of services beyond roofs – including water, storm, and fire damage restoration, and additions or remodeling work on your home or office.

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