Water Damage Restoration | Springfield, Missouri

We understand that water damage can create a stressful situation for your family or business; we focus on giving you back your sense of security in a timely fashion while creating minimal disruption to your home or business. Our water damage repair process is focused on quality and your satisfaction. KennCo Construction is a master at returning your property to its pre-water damage condition. We are experienced professionals who offer water damage repair service in Springfield MO and the surrounding areas. You can rely on us to minimize the impact of your water damage.

What you should know about Flood Restoration and Water Damage.

The possibility of flooding and water damage is real whether you live in an apartment, condo or home, and even offices and commercial buildings suffer from water damage due to faulty pipes, flooding or leaking. Fixing the problem can be complicated if the water has sewage or chemical contaminates in it.

What should you do if there has been flooding or water damage in your home or office? Assess the situation and immediately call KennCo Construction to get started on your solution. We are a local business and available 24/7, so no matter when your water damage happens, we can arrive to inspect your property and get you an estimate in a timely manner.

Leave it to us to take control of the emergency upon our arrival. Water damage is stressful and can be an extensive and invasive problem, so the sooner treatment begins, the better. Even though we do not do mold remediation, fast treatment can also help with limiting any mold problems. We will be happy to work with any company you choose to do the mold remediation so we can complete your job quickly. KennCo can help with any structural damage that may occur when flooding happens.

We enjoy helping people when they have had a disaster so they can get back to the “normal” life they are used to. We act promptly to remove moisture and standing water from your place and then get started by removing and repairing any structural damage. We stand ready to help with your water, fire or construction problems today and every day.

Our business is local, and our workers are too. So when you use KennCo, you put money back into the local economy – neighbors helping neighbors.

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