Smoke & Fire Damage Repair

Fire can be the most destructive force on your home. What is not destroyed by fire can be destroyed by smoke. Fires are devastating, tragic and traumatic. After the fire is put out by your heroic firefighters and they leave, you are left with a number of problems to resolve. Don’t let fire and smoke damage repair overwhelm you. Whether your fire was large or small, we are here to restore your space to beauty, order, and safety.

With fire and smoke, the acidic haze, soot accumulation, chemical reactions from high temperatures, and water used to extinguish the flames continues to damage your property and make it uninhabitable until proper restoration is completed.

We start by putting any necessary structural support in place, then we clean up smoke and fire damage, and rid your place of the acrid smoke odor. KennCo will take every step necessary to make it as safe and beautiful as it was before the fire, and maybe even better.

Contact us as soon as your home has been affected by smoke or fire to arrange for an inspection to get work started quickly. We will evaluate the damage and prepare an itemized estimate.

Some things you can do before we arrive:

• Open all windows to start to clear the air and odors.
• Make arrangements for someplace to stay if needed.
• Take pictures if a camera or video recorder is available.

DO NOT start any clean up, removal, vacuuming, or such – that requires protection to be in place. The complexity of property loss or destruction due to fire damage is due to the unique behavior of smoke.

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Important things to know about smoke and fire damage

• Hot smoke moves to upper levels.
• Smoke flows around plumbing systems, finding holes near and around pipes to move from floor to floor.
• The content in, and type of smoke may greatly affect the fire damage restoration process.

As with all disaster restoration (storm, water, smoke or fire) we provide 24-hour emergency service – 7 days a week.

It may seem like the danger has passed once the firefighters have left your home, however it will take a professional trained in the clean up of smoke and fire damage. If you do not have a professional who is trained in smoke and fire damage repair, your home will never be the same. The principles behind fire restoration and smoke damage repair are fairly simple, but it demands experience to restore your home to normal. This means that smoke and fire damage repair should not be completed by a homeowner on his or her own.

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