Carefully Plan a Home Remodel Job

Rethinking your Remodel: Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts

Picturing a kitchen remodel
Americans love to remodel. Whether you’re one of the millions of viewers who tune into HGTV and long for the granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and finished basement of your dreams; enjoy flipping through glossy magazines filled with picture-perfect rooms and lush gardens; or simply have a vision, a set of tools and a do-it-yourself attitude: reworking homes can be both fun and a serious business.

If you’re one of the many considering making some improvements, you’re not alone. A recent study shows that the national Residential Remodeling Index (or RRI) is on the upswing — and 2015 looks like it will have the highest numbers since 2007. The National Remodeling Index (RMI) is also showing growth for 2015.

With more folks than ever gearing up to fix up, here are some things to keep in mind:

Consider the Season
A pool deck would be great! …But it wouldn’t be a good idea to install one in January, when it’s freezing; or in July, when you want to use it. As obvious as that seems, other dates might not occur to you until it’s too late. For example: deciding to redo your kitchen during the late fall or winter might not lead to a holly jolly holiday. Go over your calendar and consult with your family to see what different events (Weddings? Visits from the in-laws? An out-of-town vacation?) and seasons (Do your kids play a sport? Does spring tend to be really muddy?) you have coming your way.

Get necessary building permits
One quick way to put the kibosh on your plans is to accidentally violate a building permit. Be sure to contact the proper sources to make sure that you follow zoning ordinances. Are you planning on digging? Does your neighborhood require residents to follow specific aesthetic guidelines? Guessing, or simply assuming that your choices will be fine, could rapidly end your project. Plenty of this information is available online. Can’t find what you need? There are people and agencies you can ask. Do your research and check it out. (In the Springfield, MO area? Start here:

Stick to your budget
Just do it. Make a budget. Stick with it. Sure, you could upgrade to the next, flashier version and go a little over what you originally intended, but if something happens (and you never know), you’d hate to find yourself in the hole …maybe literally. Plan accordingly, budget for the unexpected, and leave yourself some cushion. Need to take out a loan? Head through the proper channels at your financial institution.

Safety first
Use common sense; be careful; and, if you discover that you’ve perhaps gotten in over your head in your enthusiasm, contact a professional for assistance. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t rush
Doing a slap-dash job and cutting corners might make you happy today, but could ultimately prove a costly, or dangerous, mistake. If you’re going to spend the money, time, and effort into fixing up your space; do it properly.

As always, for assistance, bids and quotes, call a professional company like KennCo Construction.

Happy building and good luck bringing your HGTV dreams home!