First 24 Hours After A Fire
Restoration of Fire Damaged Home

Fire Damaged Roof Kennco Fire Restoration CompanyFires are unexpected, stressful, and downright overwhelming, even for people who have experienced them before. Rather than panicking when a fire arrives, it is best to come up with a plan of action ahead of time. The following checklist highlights things to do within the first 24 hours after a fire so you can be prepared for a worst-case scenario. Keep these tips in mind if you ever experience this issue in your home.
Contact Your Insurance Company
Notify your insurance company of the fire as soon as possible and find out what accommodations your specific policy covers. Some insurance policies will only cover the cost of damage to your home, but others allot for temporary housing, car rentals, and more. At the very least, you need to alert your insurance provider of the fire so you can start the claim process immediately. If you need emergency temporary repairs such as a board up, getting tarps on your roof, or securing the property, you will want to contact a reputable fire restoration company immediately. Reputable fire restoration companies take your call 24/7. They understand your emergency and need for urgency.
Find a Place to Stay
If the fire damage rendered your home unsafe to live in at the time, you need to secure housing somewhere else. Any damage that threatens the integrity or security of your home should be cause for evacuation.
Get an Itemized Estimate from a Reputable Fire Restoration Company
An estimator from a Fire Restoration Company will need to come out to assess the damage in your home after the fire. Your insurance company will send out an adjuster as well. The Restoration Company’s estimator will provide a free quote for you and can help you work with the adjuster. The more you know about your home’s fire damage, the more prepared you will be to fix the issues.
Contact a Fire Damage Repair Company
A fire damage repair company can clean up the debris, soot, smoke stains, and other issues in your home after a fire. They will also restore your home back to its original safety conditions. Fire damage restoration companies lay out preventative measures to reduce the risk of fires in your home again. Trust in their help to get you back in your home as soon as possible.