Examine Your Home For Exterior Home Leaks

Exterior Home Leak

Having an exterior home leak can be both time consuming and costly. Wood rot, water damage, insect infestation and mold are only a few of the issues an exterior leak can cause.

Identifying if you have a leak and where it’s coming from is extremely important. A few common sources of exterior home leaks are:

Windows and/or Doors- If you think your exterior leak is coming from a door or window it is best to look at the walls around the area and investigate it for any discoloration, peeling or cracks.

Roof- Roofs are a common sources of exterior leaks and something that needs immediate attention and repair so it doesn’t cause more damage to your home. To identify the source of a roof leak, find the stains on your ceiling and go from there. Majority of the time, a leaks are an area where there is a vent, chimney or any type of plumbing.

If you find that you have an exterior leak it’s best to call a professional company like KennCo Construction to come and assess the damage and estimate the cost of repair.

There are many things a homeowner can do to avoid having to repair more exterior leaks. Here are a few tips on maintaining the exterior of your home.

Adjust the spray pattern of your lawn sprinklers to avoid water getting sprayed on your home.

Make sure all your attic, gable, exhaust and clothes dryer vents have hoods on them to avoid water getting into them.

Make sure to keep exterior walls well painted and well sealed.

Also try and avoid placing items such as compost and leaf piles and landscaping soil against your walls.

Air conditioner drain pans need to be sloped properly so there is no standing water present.